[perl #42332] [TODO]: Eliminate t/tools/ops2pmutils/testlib/Capture.pm

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James Keenan

Apr 6, 2007, 11:22:59 PM4/6/07
to bugs-bi...@rt.perl.org
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When I was developing tests for the functionality refactored out of
ops2pm.pl a couple of months ago, I needed a package to hold
subroutines used in >= 1 of my test scripts to capture data printed
to STDOUT or STDERR for later analysis. I stuck a small package,
based on CPAN distribution IO::Capture, in a testlib/ directory
underneath the directory holding the tests.

By the time I got to work on ops2c.pl, I realized that those
subroutines would be better placed under lib/Parrot so that they're
more clearly available for all Perl 5 components of Parrot. I
created Parrot::IO::Capture::Mini and used it in t/tools/ops2cutils/*.t.

Task: Switch the tests in t/tools/ops2pmutils/ over to using
Parrot::IO::Capture::Mini; eliminate testlib/Capture.pm.


James Keenan via RT

Apr 8, 2007, 10:26:53 AM4/8/07
to perl6-i...@perl.org
t/tools/ops2pmutils/testlib/Capture.pm was deleted in r18040. All tests using it were modified
to use Parrot::IO::Capture::Mini. 'make buildtools_tests' run; all test passed. Closing ticket.
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