Announcing "Amber for Parrot 0.2.3 (Cornwall)"

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Roger Browne

Aug 18, 2005, 5:44:43 PM8/18/05
to Perl 6 Internals
I have released "Amber for Parrot" version 0.2.3 (Cornwall):

Release history:
Project home page:

"Amber for Parrot" is an Eiffel-like scripting language for the Parrot
Virtual Machine.

Changes since version 0.2.2:

- An Amber class can now wrap a Parrot PMC class using the 'external'
keyword (e.g. "class RANDOM external PythonRandom")

- External classnames with a leading dot indicate built-in Parrot
classes (e.g. "class STRING external .String")

- An amber class may now contain features whose names are not Amber
identifiers, by surrounding the feature name with braces
(e.g. "{__get_string}")

- Moved much of the kernel/runtime functionality from 'kernel.pir'
to external PIR routines in the kernel classes CHARACTER, BOOLEAN,

- Added a web page on Interoperability to document how Amber
interoperates with Parrot at various levels

- An Anonymous_agent must now be parenthesized before a Call_chain

- Implemented If_expressions of the form 'if-then-elseif-else-end',
and added a test case for them

- Improved the way that the '--pretty' option displays anonymous
routines, inheritance, multiline strings and class invariants

- Removed the 'case_insensitive' flag from the ace-files, as this
flag is no longer supported by SmartEiffel

- Various bug fixes

- Estimated progress towards release 1.0: language constructs 40%,
libraries 1%, documentation 1%, quality 1%

Roger Browne.

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