Announcing "Amber for Parrot" version 0.2.2

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Roger Browne

Jul 6, 2005, 3:42:26 PM7/6/05
I have released "Amber for Parrot" version 0.2.2:

Release history:
Project home page:

"Amber for Parrot" is a scripting language for the Parrot Virtual
Machine, inspired primarily by Eiffel and ruby.

The source code for the Amber compiler is written in SmartEiffel, but
you don't need a SmartEiffel compiler to install Amber, because the
Amber distribution includes C-code generated by SmartEiffel.

Changes since version 0.2.1:

- Feature bodies may now (additionally) be of the form
'is <Expression> end'

- Implemented multiline string constants, surrounded by

- Added tests for multiline string constants

- Simple uses of 'do...rescue...retry...return...finally...end'
now work

- Changed 'return' keyword to 'recover' to avoid confusion
with C's 'return'

- Added query is_defined(obj) to class ANY

- Direct calls can be made to Parrot vtable functions by
surrounding the vtable function name with "{}"

- Better exception message when a qualified call attempts
to access a private feature

- Feature ANY.can now examines private features too

- Disabled 'inherited_attributes' test pending fix for
parrot bug #36411

- Added new test case ( for all kinds of assertions

- Added license exception, pending resolution of SmartEiffel
license issues

- Added lots of code snippet examples to the website "Keywords"

- Assorted improvements to the generated PIR code

- Various bug fixes

Roger Browne.

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