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The Pumpking is dead, long live the pumpking!

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Dan Sugalski

Oct 7, 2002, 3:31:43 PM10/7/02
Well, OK, he's not dead, he's just pining for the fjords. And free time. :)

In what I hope is a tradition of transitioning to new Pumpkings and
source managers *before* burnout sets in, Jeff Goff's stepping aside
as Keeper of the Keys and Source.

Stepping up to the job is Steve Fink. Steve's been active with Parrot
since near the beginning, and I have every confidence in his being
able to keep the project moving forward.

So, huge thanks to Jeff for the work he's done, and to Steve for the
work he's undertaking.

--------------------------------------"it's like this"-------------------
Dan Sugalski even samurai have teddy bears and even
teddy bears get drunk

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