[perl #34572] [PATCH] README.win32 instructions for nmake with ICU

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K. Stol

Mar 25, 2005, 9:34:46 AM3/25/05
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Found some spare time today to give another shot at parrot on windows,
and noticed just doing "perl Configure.pl" + "nmake" didn't work.
According to the README.win32, ICU should be downloaded, extracted and
its path should be included in the PATH variable. In README.win32 there
are 2 errors. Both are corrected with this patch.

1: the link to download ICU is old, this link is now fixed.
2: the file "icudata.lib", as mentioned in the README.win32 file, does
not exist in the distribution I downloaded, which is:
but this file's name is "icudt.lib", not "icudata.lib"
This filename is now fixed.

Fixing these 2 items worked for me. (I use MS VS.NET v13.10.3077)


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