UNO (Universal Network Objects) interface for Parrot?

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Tim Bunce

Mar 23, 2004, 7:47:49 PM3/23/04
Has anyone looked at what's needed to plug Parrot into UNO?

--- snip ---

UNO (Universal Network Objects) is the interface-based component
model of UNO offers interoperability between different
programming languages, different object models, different machine
architectures and different processes; either in a local network
or even via the internet. UNO components can be implemented in and
accessed from any programming language for which a UNO language
binding exists.

Currently there are complete UNO language bindings for:
- C
- C++ (compiler dependent, please see for a list of supported platforms)
- Java
- Python

Additionally, there are bindings that allow to access UNO components,
but do not support the development of new UNO components:

- Basic
- Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) Automation
- Common Language Infrastructure (CLI). Note: The Microsoft .NET
framework is an implementation of this standard. The language binding
does NOT have the status "final" yet. Therefore do NOT use it (and
programs based on it) in a production environment.

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Just a thought.


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