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William Coleda

May 23, 2005, 9:54:36 PM5/23/05
to Perl 6 Internals
With Leo's recent fixes to <compile>, the following now works:

.sub main @MAIN

load_bytecode "languages/tcl/lib/tcllib.pbc"

.local pmc tcl_compiler,compiled_sub

tcl_compiler = compreg "TCL"

compiled_sub = compile tcl_compiler, "puts {ok 1}"

Additionally, at Leo's suggestion, I've just removed quite a bit of duplicated code from languages/tcl/classes/ - now that multiple inheritance is working, we can simply inherit these methods. There are some methods that are still there that I don't think are tcl-specific - if anyone can do more cleanup here (esp. in tcllist.pmc), I'd appreciate it.

I currently have one failing test (cmd_continue, test 2) - this is, I think, the same test that leo had been reporting as failing for a while. I have some other pending code which seems to be tickling this GC bug. Hopefully I'll be able to track this down.

William Coleda

May 28, 2005, 12:58:26 AM5/28/05
to Perl 6 Internals
Thanks very much to Matt for his recent checkins, cleaning up tclparser.pmc, and eliminating a bit of unnecessary code.

The compiler broke after some recent checkins (not Matt's fault). I've added a test for this which is now passing, which should hopefully *keep* it passing. =-)

With Matt's recent cleanup to tclparser, I'm now seeing 100% success on the tcl test suite. Even

env TEST_PROG_ARGS=--gc-debug make test

is working:

All tests successful.
Files=39, Tests=236, 70 wallclock secs (29.83 cusr + 14.04 csys = 43.87 CPU)

I've also added tests for inline (unique to ParTcl), which lets you do:

puts "This is Tcl"
inline PASM {
print "This is PASM\n"

as well as some other minor missing tests.

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