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Julian Fondren

Mar 8, 2007, 4:10:41 AM3/8/07
to bugs-bi...@rt.perl.org
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Some-but-not-many of the languages/ tree have MAINTAINER files.
This patch makes all-but-(perl5|pugs|t) each have such a file.

A MAINTAINER file has these advantages:

1. It is very, very, very visible. If you grab parrot
and root around the languages a bit and for any reason
("have you looked at eForth? It implements itself almost
entirely in Forth, intentionally limiting the parts that
need assembler implementations.") want to to talk to
the logical person about it, you can't miss the

2. The MAINTAINER file contains contact information.
(A few still don't, although all have -names- -- this
should be fixed.) CREDITS is strangely reticent about
emails, and also less reliable (just look at Leo's
entry) for clues about who does what. LANGUAGES.STATUS.pod
lacks contact information, and anyway is less direct,
and anyway is already secondary to the existing
MAINTAINER files. (Especially as LANGUAGES.STATUS.pod
does not cover some subtrees that my patch adds
MAINTAINER to. This might a good subject for another

3. The MAINTAINER file is definitive for an entire subtree.
I just finished sending an email to the wrong person,
as that person had contact information in some likely-looking

In this patch, I:

1. Found at least a name for each language.

2. Found emails for most of them -- without looking outside
the parrot repository! Some people put their email in
some internal file and not in CREDITS or their language
README. Almost everyone who left an email out of
CREDITS had one anyway in their language files.

3. Put the files in the format of CREDITS , also changing
existing MAINTAINER to this format.

4. De-'crypted' emails when that person had already e.g.
put their simple f...@bar.baz email in CREDITS

5. Loosely ordered entries with more maintainerish entries
at top.

6. Imported information mainly from CREDITS , but stripping
out non-contact information (usually leaving N: E: W:).

7. In the case of languages/tcl , added the provided
scope-of-contribution comments as D: entries to MAINTAINER

8. Added maintainerish comments that I noticed, such as
language/perl6's "Small patches are preferred over large



Jerome Quelin

Mar 8, 2007, 12:56:29 PM3/8/07
to perl6-i...@perl.org
On 07/03/08 01:10 -0800, Julian Fondren wrote:
> Index: languages/ook/MAINTAINER
> ===================================================================
> --- languages/ook/MAINTAINER (revision 0)
> +++ languages/ook/MAINTAINER (revision 0)
> @@ -0,0 +1,2 @@
> +N: Jerome Quelini
> +E: jqu...@cpan.org
> Index: languages/befunge/MAINTAINER
> ===================================================================
> --- languages/befunge/MAINTAINER (revision 0)
> +++ languages/befunge/MAINTAINER (revision 0)
> @@ -0,0 +1,2 @@
> +N: Jerome Quelini
> +E: jqu...@cpan.org

not that i'm actively maintaining them actively (busy elsewhere), but
it's "Jerome Quelin", not "Jerome Quelini". email is fine.

i guess you also forgot to patch MANIFEST with all those newly created
files, uh? :-)


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