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more from the mops front

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Leopold Toetsch

Feb 6, 2003, 11:49:37 AM2/6/03
to P6I
guile -s examples/mops/mops.scheme M op/s: 0.9
python -OO examples/mops/ M op/s: 1.2
perl examples/mops/ M op/s: 1.4
imcc -P examples/assembly/mops_p.pasm M op/s: 22.7
imcc -j examples/assembly/mops_p.pasm M op/s: 26.0
imcc -P examples/assembly/mops.pasm M op/s: 64.5
imcc -j examples/assembly/mops.pasm M op/s: 600.0

guile 1.4
python 2.1.1
perl v5.6.1
parrot 0.0.9-devel/today -O3 compiled

i386/linux intel P3-600

(guile needed s/time/current-time/ and pulling the define in front of
the main (let))

Have fun!

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