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Leopold Toetsch

May 8, 2005, 5:20:57 AM5/8/05
to, <> wrote:

> Modified:
> trunk/build_tools/
> Log:

> Added a seen hash so that we don't get redefinition errors when things
> are listed twice (as they probably ought to be if they're for specific
> libraries).

> + next if $seen{"$ret$;$args"}++;

This gives ugly warnings, if the call signature has no $args. But, we
have e.g.

i # void call, int ret
i v # same - explicit void call

These create of course the same code twice with different names. I tried
to remove signatures of the first type, but then Parrot PANICs during

What we really should do is:
- have just one of these equivalent signatures
- warn if there is a duplicate and ignore it

Patch reverted for now.


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