stuck with tge transformation for pynie using PAST::VarList

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Klaas-Jan Stol

Mar 12, 2007, 6:35:34 PM3/12/07
to Perl 6 Internals

I'm working on parameters for Pynie. (functions are working! see my
latest patch, still pending)

I have some trouble with the tree transformation for Pynie. If anybody
knows how to solve this, help would greatly be appreciated.
The problem seems to be with PAST::VarList. Now, in Pynie this VarList
node is also created for target_list, so it *does* work in that case.

In my attempt to create a varlist to store parameters, the PAST output
is ok. But, if I try to output the PIR, I get this: (the interesting
stuff is marked bold):

*C:\parrot\languages\pynie>..\..\parrot pynie.pbc --target=PIR
Cannot find the attribute 'post' (PAST::VarList) that you asked for.
Method 'pir' not found*
current instr.: 'parrot;POST::Sub;pir' pc 1433 (POST/Node.pir:243)
called from Sub 'parrot;POST::Node;cpir' pc 978 (POST/Node.pir:102)
called from Sub 'parrot;POST::Sub;pir' pc 1433 (POST/Node.pir:243)
called from Sub 'parrot;POST::Compiler;compile' pc 5048
called from Sub 'parrot;HLLCompiler;pir' pc 1124
called from Sub 'parrot;HLLCompiler;compile' pc 343
called from Sub 'parrot;HLLCompiler;eval' pc 500
called from Sub 'parrot;HLLCompiler;evalfiles' pc 800
called from Sub 'parrot;HLLCompiler;command_line' pc 947

Any ideas?

(on a side note, when creating a PAST node, the "node" parameter is
always specified. I think it has something to do with that, but not sure)


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