[perl #41584] [TODO] Update RELEASE_INSTRUCTIONS with details for updating the website

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Patrick R . Michaud

Feb 22, 2007, 2:51:19 PM2/22/07
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The RELEASE_INSTRUCTIONS file needs an "update website" step
added to it. Summary from Coke on irc #parrot:

<Coke> to sum up: "install combust; setup a local website for the site you're interested in; svn up the website source; edit as you would any other repo; check on the running instance of combust (a web server with some framework to process your not-quite-html files); satisfied? svn commit; website automagically updates.)

This apparently also requires either commit access to the website
repository, or coordination with someone who can (and it's best to
have that commit access set up in advance).


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