Improving Parrot's Test Framework

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Jun 28, 2005, 9:13:57 AM6/28/05
Jerry Gay just brought up an idea that solves a frustration I ran into
yesterday. He and I are both subclassing existing PMCs and want to have
lots of tests, but copying and pasting them is fraught with peril.

In Perl 5, Test::Class makes it possible to share tests between test
files in an OO fashion, with setup code run before each test and tests
inherited from other files.

Having something like this would be very handy in Parrot. I realize
that Test::Class has a few dependencies (such as Perl 5.6.1 and
Attribute::Handlers) and that the existing test suite dumps out raw PASM
to execute, but it's possible to build something with better abstraction
and reuse even without bringing Test::Class into Parrot.

Would this be useful to anyone else?

-- c

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