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Darren Duncan

Mar 30, 2005, 12:23:14 AM3/30/05
I noticed a curious inconsistency with our /modules collection of
ported CPAN modules wherein each of their Makefile.PL is written in
Perl 5 and invokes the Perl 5 Makefile.PL, but everything else in the
ported distro is written in Perl 6, both the modules and the test

I propose that said Makefile.PLs all get changed to Perl 6, so
everything under /modules is Perl 6. This would make the ported
distros more internally consistent.

To set an example, I converted the ones for Locale::KeyedText and
SQL::Routine, so they look like they would when Pugs is mature enough
to handle them, as with the modules and their test suites themselves.

The examples assume a perl 6 version of Pugs::MakeMaker exists, which
it doesn't, but meanwhile that faux invocation serves as an

-- Darren Duncan

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