YAPC::NA pugs hack-a-thon planning

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John Macdonald

Apr 1, 2005, 11:01:19 PM4/1/05
to perl6-c...@perl.org
I've just had an IRC discussion with Autrijus, and we've put together
the following plan for the pugs hack-a-thon, to occur for 4 days
immediately preceeding the Toronto YAPC::NA conference.

The venue will be at my cottage, about 1 1/2 hour drive from Toronto.

Autrijus will be arriving in Toronto Thursday June 23'rd. The hack-a-thon
can run until the 26'th, when people will be moving to the conference

The cottage has 5 bedrooms (queen beds), plus a double fold-out
sofa-bed and a sofa that can sleep one. So, as long as people don't
mind sharing a bed, that's room for 13. (If necessary, I've got a couple
of tents, and could put some people in sleeping bags. Or, if this gets
insanely large, some people could rent a cottage at a nearby [5 minutes
by boat] resort.)

Internet connection will *not* be high-speed. If I can make it work, I'll
have a GPRS cell connection (supposed to provide somewhat under
100Kbps in practice, 125Kbps in theory, I've never used GPRS and
there may be a problem with borderline signal strength). Fallback is
to use the next door neighbour's modem/phone - for occassional bursts
during the day, and for long periods overnight (when the hackers prowl
and the neighbour is too busy sleeping to miss his phone line). I'm sure
that I'll be able to snag a wireless base unit from whatever is being
planned for YAPC::NA.

I have a minivan that can carry 7 people. Depending upon how many
end up coming, and whether none of them have their own vehicle, I can
arrange (if necessary) another Toronto Perl Monger to assist in

Facilities, for those times when hackers are not sleeping or hacking,
include a boat (waterskiing), one canoe, a couple of kayaks, a windsurfer,
and of course, a lake to put them in.

I'm looking forward to seeing insanely great things happenning then.

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