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Darren Duncan

Apr 2, 2005, 3:15:48 AM4/2/05
Following a brief talk on #perl6 ...

It is my intent to start a Perl 6 module under Pugs that is analagous
to Pugs::Makemaker, such that the Makefile.PL that comes with each
ported Perl 6 module can itself be written in Perl 6, and function

Initially this module will be a shell that gathers necessary info
from the Perl 6 modules and then invokes the Perl 5 Pugs::MakeMaker
to do the dirty work of creating the Makefile that 'make' can use.

Later on, the full functionality can be made Perl 6 native, and can
optionally be constructed so that 'make' is no longer a prerequisite.

The initial version will support the basics that simple Makefile.PL
use; for example, these named arguments to WriteMakefile:


The basics should be enough to tell an automator using a Pure Perl
module what the name and version of the current distro is, and the
names and versions of the other Perl 6 modules that are its

The initial module version will likely be simple in its construction,
including not being object oriented, so the current version of Pugs
should be able to run it by itself or with few modifications.

I intend to deliver "something" along these lines tomorrow, prior to
the .14 release. The first delivery is not guaranteed to execute,
but it should be easy to tell what it is trying to do by looking at

-- Darren Duncan

Darren Duncan

Apr 6, 2005, 1:47:42 AM4/6/05
Since Matt's recent lists summary brought this up ...

At 11:47 PM -0400 4/5/05, Matt Fowles wrote:
> Darren Duncan noticed that while most things in pugs were written in
> Perl 5, while Makefile.PL was still in Perl 5. He suggested that the
> Makefile.PLs in various modules be written in perl 6 also. He then began
> work on a pugs::Makemaker module.
> <>
> <> -- work begins

I would like to point out that the Makemaker replacement in perl 6
was stalled before it began, so no work is going on there by me at
the moment.

I am currently focused in other areas (perl 5 CPAN database module
refactoring, finding employment) and have no idea when I'll address
this idea again.

Maybe I'll look into it after Pugs is more complete and supports objects etc.

So if anyone was waiting for me to deliver this, you can stop waiting.

Have a good day. -- Darren Duncan

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