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ToddAndMargo via perl6-compiler

May 15, 2020, 12:00:03 AM5/15/20
to perl6-c...@perl.org
Dear Config,


Would you please consider add the following reference to your
web page:


It gives a wonderful description of INI files. And
there are folks out there that do not realize that INI
files are standardized or how to write them

Many thanks,

p.spek via perl6-compiler

May 15, 2020, 5:00:04 AM5/15/20
to ToddAndMargo, perl6-c...@perl.org
If there's a parser for ini that works with Config, I will link to that
particular parser in the README of Config. Linking to random formats that
aren't supported seems like a weird addition to the documentation.

According to modules.raku.org[1], there's three implementations, which are
included in the README already:

- Config::Parser::toml
- Config::Parser::yaml
- Config::Parser::json

I'm currently not planning to write Config::Parser::ini, but I'd gladly welcome
any additional parsers, and will respond to any questions about implementing
one to the best of my capabilities.

[1]: https://modules.raku.org/search/?q=Config%3A%3AParser

With kind regards,

Patrick Spek

www: https://www.tyil.nl/
mail: p.s...@tyil.nl
pgp: 1660 F6A2 DFA7 5347 322A 4DC0 7A6A C285 E2D9 8827

social: https://soc.fglt.nl/tyil
git: https://home.tyil.nl/git
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