Pugs 6.0.14 released!

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Autrijus Tang

Apr 4, 2005, 12:22:08 AM4/4/05
to perl6-c...@perl.org
I'm happy to report that Pugs 6.0.14 has now been released,
soon available to a CPAN mirror near you. :-)

Much thanks to all lambdacamels who helped to make this release happen!


== Changed for 6.0.14 - April 4, 2005

=== Pugs Internals

* We now require GHC 6.4 on all platforms
* Added socket primitives: `listen()`, `connect()`, `accept()`
* Added thread primitives: `async()`, `yield()`
* Added string primitives: `chr()`, `ord()`, `hex()`, `split()`
* Adverb pairs: `:key(123)`, `:key<abc>`, `:key[1,2,3]` and `:key`
* `pugscc` may now be invoked outside the pugs source tree
* `slurp()` now works on IO handles
* Non-interpolated `q//` literals
* Tentative `%?CONFIG` hash
* `pugs -V:configvar` now displays that config variable
* Command line improvements (`-I`, `-l`, `-e`, etc.)
* Minimal IMC compiler as `src/IMC.hs`
* Began work on GADTs; the Pad now holds `Symbol Val` types only
* Support definition and invocation of subs with namespaces

=== Tests, Examples and Documentations

* Many new tests: we have around 3850 now.
* `modules/` have been relocated to FreePAN. See `modules/README`
* `t/Synopsis/` have been relocated to Perl6::Bible on CPAN.
* HTML generated by testgraph now reponds to mouseover
* New autosmoker script added
* Many cross-referencer improvements
* Normalize all `t/` to begin with `#!/usr/bin/pugs`
* `VICTUALS` file added on April Fools
* Debian package scripts in `debian/`
* Updates on the Vim syntax file as `util/perl6.vim`
* `Pugs::MakeMaker` is renamed to `Perl6::MakeMaker`
* First Pugs obfuscation in `examples/obfu/`
* HTTP server and client examples in `examples/network/`

=== Bug Fixes

* `~~` now takes variables on the right hand side
* Correct installation locations for `ext/` modules
* `{ block }` in `qq` and `rx` no longer skips trailing whitespaces
* `pugs -e` may now use `@*ARGS` in the one-liner
* `rx:perl:g` no longer ignores the `:g`
* `$:x` and `$.x` now parsed as variable names
* Readline support is correctly probed on `Makefile.PL` time
* Mimick Perl 5's behaviour for function that defaults to `$_`

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