Announcing Test::TAP::Model and Test::TAP::HTMLMatrix

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Yuval Kogman

Apr 15, 2005, 8:20:08 PM4/15/05

The code used to generate pugs smoke HTMLs (like - warning around
800K), was refactored into two perl (5) modules, now (that is, when
your mirror has synched) available on the CPAN.

This code is authored by many of the pugs authors. If you feel the
need to discuss it, I think #perl6 on freenode is the place. In any
case, I'm not authoritative, as this code is not only mine.

In order to honor the fine tradition of releng breakage, both 0.01
versions are crummy. Use 0.02. Sorry =(

The two darcs repos for these modules are:

Test::TAP::Model wraps around Test::Harness::Straps and gives a sort
of souped up DOM to the TAP data that was collected, and
Test::TAP::HTMLMatrix creates the HTML using this DOM and a Petal


() Yuval Kogman <> 0xEBD27418 perl hacker &
/\ kung foo master: /methinks long and hard, and runs away: neeyah!!!

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