Perl6 rules grammar

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Patrick R. Michaud

Jul 22, 2005, 6:41:00 PM7/22/05
A couple of people have been making contributions to the
file in pugs (modules/Grammars/, so I thought I'd start
maintaining an "official Perl 6 grammar" in the parrot repository,
that can be maintained/monitored closely with PGE.

The latest version of the grammar file is kept at, and
is currently a "first draft". It differs somewhat from,
in that it incorporates some of the rule syntax changes that
don't yet appear in S05/A05. (I hope to be bringing S05/A05
more up to date soon, patches are welcome!)

Some constructs needed to fully describe the rules syntax aren't
available in PGE yet; in these cases I've provided a rule as it
should probably look, followed by whatever version of the rule
PGE can currently support.

Also, I know there are some rule syntaxes that are missing in this
first draft, but following "release early/often" I thought I'd
go ahead and publish a somewhat incomplete version for now.
All patches and feedback are greatly appreciated.


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