Pugs 6.0.13 released.

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Autrijus Tang

Mar 27, 2005, 12:19:04 PM3/27/05
to perl6-c...@perl.org
I'm glad to report that I managed to release 6.0.13 during
YAPC::Taipei, several minutes before my "Perl 6 the Ultimate Talk",
which was quite successful. :-)

You can download 6.0.13 from:


I've forgotten to include t/README in the MANIFEST, but you can
read it here:


Thanks for all the people who made this release possible!


== Changes for 6.0.13 - March 27, 2005

=== Pugs Internals

* Support for `given`, `when` and `elsif` statements
* Support for Perl5 style `-I` on the command line
* Command line equivalents of shell commands `:i` and `!`.
* Regex now supports `s:perl5///` and `s:perl5:g///`
* `$1`, `$2` etc can be used in `s:perl5:g///` substitutions
* Experimental *pugscc* backends generating limited Parrot and Haskell code
* Refactored the /VSub/ type to support currying
* Support for currying: `&foo.assuming(param => 'bar')`
* New file test primitives: `-d` and `-f`
* New logical primitive: `?|`
* Experimental support for `eval_perl5` (not built by default)
* Experimental Inline support; see `ext/SHA1` for example
* New magicals: `$*EXECUTABLE_NAME` and `$*PROGRAM_NAME`
* Several numeric builtins: `atan2`, `cos`, `sin`, `sqrt`, `exp`
* Beginings of a Pugs class meta-model

=== Test, Examples and Documentations

* New test for junctions, regexp and more; about 3200 tests now
* Added 200+ new TODO tests for objects in `t/oo/`
* Added 20 new Perl 5 modules ported to Perl 6
* Added `t/README`, `modules/README` and `modules/PORTING_HOWTO`
* Much work on the test-cataloger and Synopsis cross-referencer
* Work on plan for smoke testing framework using *YAML* and *Test::Harness*
* Work on HTML output gathered from *Test::Harness* YAML output
* Actual working port of most of *File::Spec* complete with tests and docs
* Added support for outputing test logs with *Test.pm*
* Added documentation to *pugscc*
* Several TODO tests for command line options
* `fix_authors.pl` now handles UTF8 input
* New golf-based tests in `t/examples/golf.t`
* Added `examples/mandel.p5` for benchmarking against `mandel.p6`
* The first JAPH for Pugs in `examples/japh/`

=== Bug Fixes

* Numification now uses the same lexer as numeric literals
* Passing pairs to named parameters works
* Fixed 2-element lists to be proper pairs
* Fixed some error reporting issues in *Test.pm*
* `$!` now has the correct value after `eval`
* `END {...}` now runs after `die`
* Hash are now string keys
* Contextual logicals like `+^` and `~^` are parsed correctly

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