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updates to my github repository

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Peter Marschall

Dec 28, 2017, 5:15:03 PM12/28/17



it's been a while, ...


Anyway, I updated my GitHub Repository .


Updated branch:


changes & fixes that will go into the next version of perl-ldap


New branches (on top of next) - further ideas:


parse & return control: stanza in LDIF files

Pro: fuller support of LDIF specification
Con: may break existing code calling Net::LDIF->read_entry in list mode


(currently on top of LDIF, but independent)

allow using LDAP-URL in LDIF files

dn: cn=All Staff,ou=Groups,o=ACME

objectclass: groupOfNames

cn: All Staff

member:< ldap://localhost/o=ACME?1.1?sub?(objectclass=person)

Pro: LDIF-based mass changes with only a few lines of LDIF

Con: slows down entire Net::LDAP::LDIF's overall read path



better ActiveDirectory support

Pro: see above

Con: extends Net::LDAP::RootDSE unconditionally
(i.e. not only for AD, but also for other Directory servers)



accept parameter url in search() to get the search params from

Pro: one parameter instead of 4

Con: search() gets more complex

Those additional branches contain further ideas, which may be partially unpolished.

Please check them give them a shake and report bugs, improvements, ...

and of course also, what you want to see in future versions of perl-ldap.






Peter Marschall


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