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Released perl-ldap 0.65

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Peter Marschall

Apr 6, 2015, 2:30:01 PM4/6/15
Hi all,

It took quite a while, but I finally made it:
I just released perl-ldap 0.65 to CPAN:

For those of you directly pulling from GitHub, the repository
has been updated accordingly.

Please find a short log of all the changes below.

Thanks to
* Troy Loveday <>
for his bug report / patch.

Peter Marschall

0.65 -- Mon Apr 6 19:43:37 CEST 2015

* t/74matchedvalues.t: more tests
* {ASN,Extension}.pm: update ExtendedResponse to RFC 4511
* Control/ new
* Control/ make sure criticality does not get changed
* Control/ make sure value & criticality do not get changed
* Control/ make sure value never gets set

Bug Fixes
* do not set default sslversion for start_tls() & LDAPS
Instead of second-guessing a default sslversion for start_tls() and LDAPS,
rely on the - known to be sane - default value used by IO::Socket::SSL.
* RT#100151: localize $SIG{__DIE__} in IPv6 support check
Thanks to Troy Loveday <> for the detailed bug report and patch.
* FAQ.pod: fix error in search() example
* RFC.pod: typo fix

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