Do not miss Mask of seven eggs

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Do not miss Mask of seven eggs

Use eggs to make themselves more beautiful, which can be obtained,
raising his hand can not be your chance to give it!

1 Take fresh eggs, wash wipe dry, add 500 ml of high-quality vinegar
soaked in a month. When the eggshell dissolve in vinegar solution,
take a small spoon mixed with a cup of boiling water, stirring after
taking a cup every day. Long-term use vinegar, egg, make the skin
smooth and delicate, wipe the face of all the spots.

2 Honey protein film: fresh eggs, honey and a small spoon, mix the
two evenly, before going to sleep with a clean soft brush brushing
this film on the face, during massage can stimulate the skin cells,
promote blood circulation. After a period of time, dried, washed with
water twice a week is appropriate. This mask can also dilute water
discharged after the hand-wringing, winter can prevent chapped.

3 almond cream: There will be 90 g soaked peeled almonds pounded as
paste, mixed with egg and mix thoroughly, night painted surface, wash
the next day morning with Migan Shui.

4 mixed with milk, egg, or with egg yolk and mix thoroughly coated
surface for 15 minutes, the maintenance of normal skin effect is a
plus. Only persist for three months, your face will look.

5 cooking, the eggshells of a soft film attached to the facial
wrinkles and cheeks, chin, let it dry and then peeled off, wipe with a
soft sponge oily skin, dead skin; if it is dry skin, should be painted
some vegetable oil and then wipe off dead skin, and finally washed.

6 To remove facial dead skin, playing an egg plus one teaspoon of
fine salt, with a towel dipped in the skin gently rub back and forth,
like use the scrub in general. Back beautiful, simple and fast.

7 by adding honey with egg yolk and flour into a thick paste, evenly
coating the face, not only can cure acne, but also to prevent winter
dry skin. If skin is oily, add a spoonful of lemon juice should be
mixed, stir with a cotton swab applied to the face 15 to 20 minutes
wash with warm water.  

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