What is a hair removal?

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Nov 26, 2011, 2:39:45 AM11/26/11
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What is a hair removal?

  Body hair is too long or too thick will affect the appearance,
especially female lips fine hair thickening, look like long beards,
seriously affected woman looks beautiful, it must be uprooted. There
are two commonly used methods of hair removal permanent hair removal
and temporary hair removal.

  Ultra high frequency oscillation signal permanent hair removal hair
removal machine, form electrostatic fields, the hair, damaged hair
follicle, hair off, and do not grow new hair, to permanent hair
removal effect. This hair removal method is painless, does not damage
the surrounding skin, repeated use may damage hair follicles, lose the
ability to regenerate hair. Often used for removal of armpit hair,
long eyelashes and disorderly growth of eyebrows, and so on.

  Temporary hair removal is the use of depilatory or hair removal wax
hair off for the time being, but also make new hair. Unhairing agents
include hair removal liquid, and hair removal cream, hair removal
cream, which contains dissolved chemical components of hair, may be
melted hair dry, achieve the purpose of hair removal, used for removal
of villi of the small, regular use can regenerate hair thin light, and
have easy to use features, you can own use at home. Chemical hair
removal agents on the skin irritation is large, and cannot be attached
to your skin for a long time, after use it is important to wash with
warm water to clean, and then coated with Activator complex. Note that
allergy skin should not be used. Hair removal wax is divided into two
frozen wax and hot wax. Main components for a variety of frozen wax
resin, strong adhesion, soluble in water, gel. Make available without
heating, can be directly coated on hair removal skin and works closely
with the skin adhesion, hangover-free, suitable for sensitive skin
hair removal. Hot wax is beeswax mixed with resins to become.
Generally in solid form, required heat melted before use, when the
temperature is reduced to fit the skin, can be painted on the skin.
Frozen wax easy to use, but the cost is higher. Hot wax is generally
less expensive, used wax after disinfection, after heating, percolate
the hair can be reused, but the action more difficult, and should be
familiar with accurately the temperature of wax, to prevent thermal
burns customers or from cold the effectiveness of depilation. Note
that the hair removal wax is generally used in beauty salons.


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