How dimensional makeup?

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Nov 26, 2011, 2:51:14 AM11/26/11
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How dimensional makeup?

  High level cosmetics, requires a solid display of feelings, which
needs to play background pursuit of light effects. Simply put, stereo
makeup is a reasonable use of color. Stereo makeup like painting,
emphasis on sketch effect, stressing the succinctness of the object,
pay attention to the use of natural colors, truly showing different
color transitions and against each other. Stereo makeup used shadow
color, bright colors, lipstick, Rouge and cosmetics of various colors,
adjust the angle and distance of each part of the face to improve
people's impression of the original features, so that the original
image of perfection.

  Solid color is divided into shadows of the makeup color, bright
color and accent colors. Shadow color, rather cold or vague color, you
can make the object smaller, deep, narrow, backward, feelings of
depression and reduce. When makeup is too wide, too large, high
position, so that they get the convergence effect. Commonly used
shadow color: olive green, Brown, gray, grey, Brown, blue, purple, and
light, warm or high definition color, that makes an object shaped
wide, simple, high, has a feeling of expansion approach. Makeup time
for too narrow, too low, too little of the site, make it get the
widening the Zoom effect. Frequently used bright colors are: white,
beige, ivory, yellow, and bright yellow and geese, such as light pink,
light blue, silver, silver-gray; accent color, also known as eye
color, mainly for eye makeup. Accent color can make use of its sites
become the focus of attention. In the case of match, any color can be
the accent color.

  Stereo-specific method of makeup is: first the intermediate color
(colour) smearing the whole face. And to face rising place (forehead
and nose, supraorbital bone, zygomatic, mandibular angle) coating tint
(namely, light, light), au (orbital, root, zygoma on both sides of the
nose cheek) dark-coated (that is, shadow color, dark), to blend shades
transactions, thereby highlighting the stereoscopic effect of face.
Sometimes in order to facilitate simple, can also be normal color and
darker than its level of Foundation in two colors, usual color on the
face, dark level Foundation of smearing at the side of the face (from
ear temples to the mandibular area before).

  Stereo cosmetics it is best to use stick-or Pasty cosmetics. To
achieve the natural texture of the skin is considered beautiful. So,
whether it is the shadow color of the shadow effect, is still florid
Rouge, to avoid the use of powder. Because when we still have to use
quite a few local makeup of powdered cosmetics. Repeated use powdered
cosmetics, it is not easy closely, color, texture or nature.

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