InnoDB Buffer Pool Issues

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Kenneth Kalmer

Mar 16, 2010, 5:49:32 AM3/16/10
Hi everyone

My apologies if this isn't the correct platform to discuss this issue,
but I'm at a dead end.

Since upgrading to MySQL 5.0.90 on Gentoo, with the Percona patches
included, it seems my innodb_buffer_pool_size settings are being

I've created a gist with the output from SHOW ENGINE INNODB STATUS
and SHOW VARIABLES LIKE '%innodb%', as well as a snippet from the
mysqld.err log ->

Just like Jerry (a commenter on I'm not
getting any memory allocated to the InnoDB buffer pools. Cacti graphs
verify that the buffer pool activity has zero-ed, and the free memory
of the host is not changing as the buffer pool size is changed. I also
have a 'The InnoDB memory heap is disabled' in the error log, which is
new since the upgrade.

All and all it looks like the setting is ignored and I don't have much
to go with.

Any advice would be appreciated.


Kenneth Kalmer

Vadim Tkachenko

Mar 16, 2010, 11:17:47 AM3/16/10

Total memory allocated 0; in additional pool allocated 0
Buffer pool size 8192
Buffer pool size, bytes 134217728

In fact your buffer pool is not zero.

What is zero is additional memory pool, and it is OK, as InnoDB-pluing
by default uses OS memory, not internal pool, that's why it is 0.

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