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Chavoux Luyt

May 2, 2023, 4:51:22 PM5/2/23
Hi Robin, 

This might not be what you are looking for, since it only looks at the literature and Namibian predators (which include caracal, very similar to lynx, at least in terms of livestock predation): (thesis).

Just some anecdotal ideas:
1. The size of the farm/ranch and the number of sheep might be important in terms of cost-effectiveness of the different methods.
2. I am not sure how similar lynx are to caracal, but my guess is that they are also mostly nocturnal (at least in areas where they are persecuted) and therefore your livestock are probably going to be relatively safe during the day. In that case, a predator-proof pen/kraal (closed on all sides with chicken-wire or similar) might be sufficient (give some supplementary feed in the pen/kraal to get the sheep to come there every night). 
3. Kraaling every night might not be an option in very extensive farming systems. In this case a hardy Livestock guarding dog (with a self-feeder at the water troughs) might work well (for Lynx alone, without larger predators like pumas or wolves, a large breed like an Anatolian might not be required, and is much cheaper).
4. A more expensive, but generally more effective method is human herders. In this case a well-trained herder also offers other benefits like better rangeland management and livestock health (and thus better production).

Chavoux Luyt

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Robin Rigg <>: May 02 12:01PM +0200

Quick question: does anyone have any references, project reports or
other grey literature, experience, knowledge and other nuggets of
personal wisdom related to measures to protect livestock (sheep or
other) from lynx and their effectiveness (or lack of)?
All contributions appreciated 😄
Best wishes,
Robin Rigg BA MSc.
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Claudio Sillero <>: May 01 04:41PM

Here's a really nice job opportunity with our colleagues at Save the Elephants.
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