Problem with connection to MSSQL 2008 Express, and other issues

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Grzegorz Swietlik

Jun 15, 2011, 3:58:10 PM6/15/11

I have a very small database on MSSQL 2008 Express. The Mondrian cube schema is already created, and works fine with JPivot, and Mondrian Schema Workbench.
I'm using pat-server download, as pat-0.8.war deployment fails on tomcat 6, but its not any major issue (I don't need to struggle with war deployment, as the pat-server started to work).

I can browse the cube structure, but accessing values is not possible.
I get an exception with a very simple MDX queries, which work in JPivot, or Schema Workbench.
The log files are attached, but they don't help a lot to figure out what is going on.

It looks that a main problem is:
2011-06-15 21:42:34,875 DEBUG [mondrian.sql] 0: Segment.load: executing sql [select sum("ft_cashflows"."cost_pln") as "m0" from "dbo"."ft_cashflows" as "ft_cashflows"]
2011-06-15 21:42:34,890 DEBUG [mondrian.sql] 0: , exec+fetch 15 ms, 0 rows
2011-06-15 21:42:34,890 DEBUG [mondrian.sql] 0: , failed ( Invalid object name 'dbo.ft_cashflows'.)

but why it happens ?

When I use exactly the same jdbc driver, url, user, password in a simple java program, with exactly the same query it works.
(not mentioning that JPivot, and Schema Workbench work)

Could you please help, and tell what additional logging should I switch on, or what configuration files should be reviewed to investigate it ?

I also found an additional issue:
when I upload a schema file (with ',Validate Schema on Upload' checked) which is perfectly correct according to Schema Workbench, I receive a warning indicating that the schema is invalid. It shouldn't happen.


Paul Stoellberger

Jun 15, 2011, 9:43:41 PM6/15/11
Hi Grzegorz,

this seems to me like a mondrian issue, but its weird that it works in jpivot but not in PAT.
Since PAT 0.8 is quite old it could be related with the mondrian version you are using.

you could either a) replace the mondrian*.jar and olap4j*.jar in PAT with the one from the biserver where it works
or the far better option, b) upgrade to saiku!!

We have rewritten PAT entirely and it is now named saiku. More info (including downloads) can be found at:

Or even if you don't replace it, give saiku a spin and let us know what you think :-)


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