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Jul 21, 2009, 7:22:05 AM7/21/09
to pentahoanalysistool-users
Right PAT 0.4 is out and about get it checked out and let us know what
you think:

*Anyone who uses it beware it runs on 9999 by default to accommodate
for the Pentaho Mode Demo's*

Here's the release notes:
* Support of plain MDX Queries - It is now possible to execute
plain MDX queries. It is not possible to transform this query to the
query wizard (use of the query model) and vice versa, but is planned
in a future version.

* Improve support for different integration modes - It is now
possible to easily introduce new modes in which PAT can run in. These
modes can be used for different permissions (e.g admin,power user,
business user) or for creating lightweight versions of PAT for nice
integration into other applications (e.g the pentaho biserver). The
following modes are demonstrative implemented together with a panel in
the startup dashboard that allows easy mode entering with a default
connection to standard pentaho xmla servlet:

Lightweight PAT:
- OLAPTABLE: Executes a plain MDX query and just shows the resulting
- ONECUBE: Connects to a specific cube in a defined connection
Different Permissions:
- BUSINESSUSER: Users will just see the list of cubes and create
queries only with drag and drop
- USER: This represents the power user who can connect to a specific
existing connection, plus mdx querying enabled
- STANDALONE: This mode represents the PAT GUI an admin or management
account would see (USER + add/delete connections)

* Connection Manager GUI Code (only in mode demonstration
STANDALONE / USER) - There is already an implementation GUI side for
the connection manager, which will allow saving defined connections in
the persistance layer. There is still missing some backend code but
we've left it in there for demonstration purposes.

* Refactoring / pruning of GUI classes - Most of the, previously
very nasty, GUI code has been cleaned, refactored, pruned

* Removal of Toolbar + Title Widget to gain more space - We
decided to remove those widgets because we need this space for the
important bits (query design, table, etc.)

* Switch to Mosaic's Live Table + rewrite all Table related code -
The new LiveTable supports lazy loading (which is perfect for large
query results), looks much better and is easier to handle code-like.
We ripped out all of the code that was related to the table and
replaced it with something much nicer.

* New Welcome Panel (Startup Dashboard) - Instead of the
GoogleCode Page of the Project there is now a Welcome Panel, also
known as Startup Dashboard, that allows quick and easy access to PAT

* Bug Fixes - We also removed loads of bugs e.g rendering issues
at the initial GUI startup and the connection popup

Next Steps / Plans for 0.5:

* heavy UI design to make it as user friendly as possible
* saving connections in the persistance layer (backend code) and
improve multiple connection support
* improve the table (column header, performance, ...)
* introduce different users (admin, power user, user) with
different permissions
* improve the drag and drop query designer
* introduce a rich text editor for MDX queries that allow syntax
highlighting and auto completion

The following releases will all be a minor new version of 0.5 until
the UI redesign is finished
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