Xmla Driver on SAP BW

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Paul Stoellberger

Nov 13, 2009, 11:53:23 AM11/13/09
to pentahoanal...@googlegroups.com, olap4j...@lists.sourceforge.net
Hi there,

I've been testing the generic XMLA driver on SAP BW yesterday.
It didn't work but I don't think we need that many changes to make it work:

The first problem I ran into was that the measure was being a datatype called "FLTP"

I think we could add easily support for other datatypes by changing org.olap4j.metadata.Datatype and just changing the key of the enums to string

so e.g:
DOUBLE(5, "DBTYPE_R8", "A double-precision floating-point value: Double"),
would become
DOUBLE("5", "DBTYPE_R8", "A double-precision floating-point value: Double"),

so we can add FLTP("FLTP", "DBTYPE_NUMBER", "An eight byte floating point number: Number");

(http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E05554_01/books/ConnSAP/ConnSAPDataTypes.html : The SAP data type FLTP represents an 8 byte floating point number. This has a Siebel data type of DTYPE_NUMBER.)

Of course we would need to change from integerElement(row, "DATA_TYPE") to stringElement(row, "DATA_TYPE") etc.

I don't know what other data types we would need, but I guess we could find that out

The next problem I ran into was a NullPointerException in XmlaOlap4jConnection around line 1176 (i have some fixes applied in that class so the line number may vary...)

            final XmlaOlap4jLevel measuresLevel =

This was giving me a NPE. 

Unfortunately I couldn't really debug because I don't have access to the SAP BW test system anymore. I'll try to get access to it somehow again.

I don't know if it helps to understand SAP BW XML/A but i attached 3 files:
- discover_catalogs.xml = MDSCHEMA_CUBES
- execute.xml = execution result of an mdx query

Please let me know if you have any suggestions / thoughts on the support of SAP BW XML/A in olap4j

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