Stopping a forever loop with buttons

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Lauren Rennison

Nov 9, 2020, 11:08:31 PM11/9/20
to Pencil Code
I would like my students to create virtual alarms with Pencil Code.

I am stuck on a problem where I have various buttons: 
one button is to confirm everything is okay;
the second button sets off the alarm in a forever loop (I don't want it to stop until another button or key is pressed);
the third button resets the alarm (with the hope of overriding the forever loop)

I have tried various different loop options and also tried the stop() code but I can't get anything to work the way I have in mind.

My code so far is this: 

start = ->
  button 'Click this if everything is okay!', ->
    wear 'smile'
  button 'Set off alarm', ->
    forever 1, ->
      dot green, 30
      pause 0.1
      dot red, 30
      pause 0.1
  button 'Reset alarm', -> 
    wear 'turtle'
    do start
do start

Is there a way that I can add or change something something in either of the the 'Reset alarm' or the 'Set off alarm' buttons to make it so that if I press a key on the keyboard or click the third button, the whole code clears the screen and goes back to the starting point? Otherwise I have to use the usual PencilCode stop/play buttons or refresh the page entirely.

Also please let me know if this might also be affected by any sound effects (tone or play).


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