[pdxruby] Meeting tonight with Nick Schimek!

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Jonan Scheffler

Nov 3, 2020, 3:59:26 PM11/3/20
to Portland Ruby Brigade
This week we'll be hearing from Nick Schimek about a new site to help Rubyists quickly go from knowing the syntax to becoming experts:

The web is littered with how to code tutorials yet it can be hard to find good quality information to take you beyond the basics, especially if you don’t know what to ask, who to ask, or where to begin looking. Like a magician, Ruby appears to be a very simple language, and often times the phrase “toy language” or “easy to learn” is thrown around, and as such it attracts a lot of beginners. Obviously Rails has a lot to do with this when a full functioning website can be built within 15 minutes. Developing within Rails is “easy”, because Ruby is powerful. Yet, people leave our community, because Ruby can be mysteriously complex, and when people leave the Ruby/Rails community I will often hear the phrase “too much magic”. For me, this translates to “I couldn’t understand it”, or “It didn’t do what I thought it would do”.  Oh Ruby! Appearances are deceptive. With Rails 6 out and Ruby 3 practically here I thought it was time we ought to have a place to help people go beyond the basics of understanding Ruby. There are enough beginner Ruby tutorials, and I’m not proposing another. What I’m proposing is not a tutorial at all, but a place where the Ruby community can come together to help everyone grow beyond the basics. I feel there should be a site dedicated to helping people go from "I just learned the syntax" to expert level, a place that can disseminate high quality reading material for any level. Come join the talk to learn more and to find out how you can be part of a movement that can help the Ruby community grow.

Social hour begins at 6pm and Nick will be presenting at 7pm PDT.

See you tonight!

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