Seeking mentor for senior capstone project (Ruby/Rails 3D-printing Workflow Manager)

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Dustin Kerns

Jul 12, 2014, 3:53:29 AM7/12/14

My name is Dustin Kerns and I am a senior student at Oregon Tech Wilsonville studying software engineering who has attended several PDX.rb meetings over the previous months. During this next year I am building a large web application in Ruby/Rails and am seeking a mentor for the project. I am reasonably well acquainted with Ruby and Rails and am using this project to solidify an intermediate to advanced grasp of the framework, related technologies, and methodologies.

My idea for this is not for direct programming assistance or hand-holding throughout the project, I have a solid grasp of programming fundamentals, patterns, and OOP. I would like to have someone who is well acquainted with Rails application development to help identify flaws in my design or approach that I may not notice on my own as a young engineer.

The Project

The project is a 3D-printing workflow manager for printable assets, printers, and configuration files. I want to develop it with a mind towards being an open-source tool-set that other people or organizations could fork and deploy to manage their printing networks. I have all of the use cases, storyboards, risk assessments, and technology decisions planned out and will be using agile development. I can go into more depth as needed at our first meeting.

Over the summer I am in pre-project and writing a set of small tech demos for proofs of concept on the central themes of the application. The first that I am currently building is centered around Carrierwave for cloud file uploads and the others focus on configuration file management and dispatching print requests to multiple printers.

My General Idea

I would develop the application independently and meet up with you on regular intervals to assess progress, analyze approach, and perhaps code review problematic or questionable regions of the code-base. These meetings could be time-boxed appropriately to prevent overrun and respect your donated time. I'm always open to other ideas or approaches I just wanted to have a general starting point from which to base our interaction.
  • Meet every 2 weeks or a couple times per month (Remotely or in person) to review progress
  • Small code reviews
  • Advice on general form/approaches
  • Advice on open source lifecycle and project maintenance/structure
  • Ruby/Rails/web stack advice
  • General mentor ship for early career software engineer

More About Me

I really want to push my ability as a developer and do this project to the best of my potential and truly feel that a mentor would increase my ability and quality of this project. I am a maker, a hard worker, and I like to learn and do what I can to improve the quality of my trade. If you are interested in volunteering your time please reply here or email me so we can discuss it further.

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