Next Erlang/Elixir Meeting: Wed, Apr 16th @ CrowdCompass (TONIGHT)

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Daniel Hedlund

Apr 16, 2014, 3:32:15 PM4/16/14
Topic: Introduction to Elixir from a Ruby, Python and Javascript perspective

(and an offer for a free subscription to Elixir Sips, see below)

The next PDX Erlang and Elixir Meetup is this Wednesday from 6:30pm to 8:30pm at CrowdCompass (2505 SE 11th Avenue, #300, see  Mexican food from Los Gorditos will be provided. Vegan and gluten free will be available.  I made an effort to include more meat-based options this time around.

Matthew Lyon will give an "€œIntro to Elixir" presentation from and for the perspective of people coming from scripting languages such as Ruby, Python, and Javascript.

Elixir is a functional, meta-programming aware language built on top of the Erlang VM. It is a dynamic language with flexible syntax and macro support that leverages Erlang's abilities to build concurrent, distributed and fault-tolerant applications with hot code upgrades.

José Valim is the creator of the Elixir programming language. His goals were to enable higher extensibility and productivity in the Erlang VM while keeping compatibility with Erlang's tools and ecosystem.

We've also secured a free month subscription to Elixir Sips ( for everyone. Elixir Sips releases two videos every week to help you get started learning Elixir and keeping up with new tools and libraries. Feel free to pass the link along to anyone you know who might be interested.

Offer expires May 16th:
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