Darold Studomire and his weed bust at PDX a while ago!

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Chris Rendelle

Jan 3, 2005, 12:42:07 AM1/3/05
I remember Darold who was kinda brass thought he would pass some grass
through the airlines security checkpoint wrapped in alunimum foil! thought
he would get throught but his little plan to to sneak some grass pass the
check point went to rotten and spoil. Should he offered the Port Of Portland
Police some grass with a awful lot of brass even if they smoked it and didnt
inhale wouldm probably knocked themselves on thier ass that is if the shit
was good gunja and let ole Darold pass!
Should he just used plain plastic that would have saved him some trouble and
when he rolls a joint he will feel fantastic but noooooooo!

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