Clojure web data visualization Google Summer of Code internship

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Kevin Lynagh

Mar 28, 2012, 2:28:09 AM3/28/12
to pdx-visualization
If you're a current student and want to get paid to hack on web data
visualization this summer, I'm mentoring for Google Summer of Code
under Clojure/core.

Two potential projects are

1) Working on C2, a D3-inspired library written in Clojure for both
the JVM and the browser (via ClojureScript).
C2 already includes analogus pieces to D3's scale, geom, geo,
layout.partition, and svg functionality, but could definitely use more
visualization helpers and examples.
For more info, see

the official site:
intro talk w/ slides:

(I was planning a more official announcement of C2 to this list in a
month, but GSoC forced my hand with student submission deadlines =P )

2) If you're *really* into declarative programming and composable,
functional abstractions, another potential project is to wrap the
Cassowary constraint solver with a friendly API for building
If you've tried to fit more than one visualization into the same SVG
element, you know the world of pain that is

axis_x = x_width + margin + label_width + label_sep

Wouldn't it be nice to have a constraint solver take care of all that?
(Apple seems to think so: Cassowary is built into OS X Lion as
Cassowary has already been ported to JavaScript with basic
ClojureScript bindings (see
This project would be to build a higher-level API so you can say
things like "this axis should be on the left of this data frame" or
"these two <g> elements should always be 20px apart, but otherwise
extend out to the current left/right boundaries of the <svg>"

3) Your own super rad Clojure/ClojureScript open source data
visualization project idea.

Student project application deadline is April 6.
More info & signup at

Students in Portland, OR (where Keming Labs is based) will get a
gear bicycle and rock gym membership for the duration of the summer.
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