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Richard Knipel

Sep 26, 2013, 7:57:53 PM9/26/13
Hi Calagator devs and fans,

We've started a new Calagator installation, meant to serve NYC's free culture / open source communities:

We would love to have the thoughts of Portlanders and others with experiences to share on the established system, so please chime in with any advice here, or join us at Google Code:

Richard Knipel
Free Culture Alliance NYC

Reid Beels

Oct 5, 2013, 2:49:11 AM10/5/13
to, Richard Knipel
Hi there!

It's always great to see Calagator spreading to new cities. I'd be happy to answer any questions that come up in the process of getting this up and running.

The most important thing we've found in running Calagator here in Portland, and seeing people deploy it in other cities, is that an active community of people adding events and remove things that don't fit is essential. Empowering community members to feel a sense of ownership over the calendar and take responsibility will go long way towards keeping things up-to-date and relevant.

Calagator has several methods of deterring spam events, which are documented at It may also be useful keep an eye (or a feed reader) pointed at your changes feed (/changes) to see what's been edited.

Calagator development has been in somewhat of a holding pattern for much of this year, but I'm doing what I can to ramp things up again. We've talked about getting together a sort of "state of the calagator" meeting for some time now, and I'm hoping to get this on the calendar somewhat soon. I'll post details about this here once I get them finalized.

I spent time in the last few days merging all the waiting pull requests from our GitHub repo, which means there have been several useful updates since the version you're running:

* Fixed geocoding of events, by using a newer API version
* Added ICS export of events happening at a given venue
* Enabled the Rails 3 asset pipeline to compile assets (this requires slight changes to themes, but since you're using the default theme, it shouldn't require additional updates)
* Improved our no-more-than-three-links rules
* Bumped the rails version to 3.2.14 and upgraded some dependencies
* Improved searching of venues (if you're using sunspot, you'll want to run `rake sunspot:reindex`)
* Added a sharing section to event pages, linking to Twitter and Facebook

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