Notes from Yesterday's Code Sprint

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Eric Drechsel

Jul 27, 2014, 4:25:05 PM7/27/14
Start with intros:

 - Name,
 - Interest in Calagator
 - Skill to contribute

Started project, feels gratitude 
Brings sense of history

epicodus grad, into ruby
Coding on the weekends

Jen: Learned ruby
Coding on the weekends
Really like calagator

Chance to contribute to a bigger project

Mark: Epicodus Grad

Ruby, worked on calagator long ago

Discuss future directions
Coordinating UX work
Clearer understanding of open issues, triage

Mostly here because Shawna asked him

Portland Code School grad
Likes Calagator, large part of how I got involved in Portland tech community

Original goals:
Not be beholden to Google
Educational experience
To have something usable at the end of each sprint
A: Lead to having a nicely sorted stack of ideas to feed into future sprints.

Calagator solves the mass of uncoordinated tech events by provdining a central location for publicizing those
some events might be imported from some other initial source
Eventually realized that as Cal gained momentum the import features were less important, Cal stood on its own as the source of record.
Figuring out how to customize the graphics so other cities can port and customize easier

Would like to dockerize calagator to make it easier for deployment/development accessibility
and/or optimize front end layout

Code Sprint Outcomes

Brian & Dale: Search features: Sunspot and Solr, reviewed decisions made for which search engine to use for searches. The tests were passing at the beginning (shouldn't have been).

Reid, Natalie, Eric, Shawna: UX Discussion Move to single code base for mobile and desktop which is responsive to device width. 
1. Improve filtering
2. Add faceted search approach
3. Calagator Front page different from Event listing page. Resolve/troubleshoot. No need for a separate search results page
4. Add infinite scrolling to front page
5. Created a list of tasks/features to add to the issues

Maureen & Audrey: 
Removing Upcoming API
There were code examples that were vague - some hacks to make Upcoming work didn't have a defined end point, although the comments referred to their start.
There may be some Gemfile control issues that Audrey is looking into more

Andrew: Removed skipped tests

Mark: created friendly URL's for venue/event tags; redirected machine_tags to root_url

Eric researched Docker. Potential hangup: need to have access to calagator source code on host machine (easy to do on ubuntu; not necessarily so simple on other os).

Next Steps:
Next Code Sprint, Sunday August 10

Follow Up before next event:
Keep on posting issues!

Reviewed the PR's from the afternoon

Anselm Hook

Jul 27, 2014, 4:47:18 PM7/27/14

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Mark Dilley

Jul 27, 2014, 9:17:53 PM7/27/14
Best, Mark

On the mobile - 313-942-9454
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