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May 6, 2014, 12:47:25 PM5/6/14
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As far as I have seen in your documentation, the Flash viewer doesn't support annotations (no support for viewing nor for editing them).
Also, I have noticed that the XOD files contain an XFDF file in them with annotations. But, as far as I saw, this isn't used either (I think by any of the viewers).

1) Am I wrong in any of the above? Is there ANY way to display annotations in Flash?
2) Could you possibly provide a time estimate for when will annotations be supported in the Flash version? (Is it gonna be soon or many years from now? Is it in your current plans?)

Thanks. :)


May 6, 2014, 6:13:30 PM5/6/14
to pdfnet-w...@googlegroups.com

You, are correct. Out of the box annotation support is not available in Flash version (which is currently used primarily as a legacy fallback when neither HTML5 Canvas not Silverlight is available).

Technically nothing prevents you from loading internal/external XFDF (which is simple XML based on open standard) and displaying annotations on top of DocumentViewer. You can load internal XFDF with 'Document.loadPartAsync()'.

Currently we have no specific plans to add built-in annotation support for Flash, but this could change.
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