Error trying to use PDFTron Web Services (PWS)

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Jan 21, 2016, 5:34:10 PM1/21/16
I have my PWS credentials correct, but I am getting the following error message.

Can't establish a connection due networking error; Check your connectivity to the internet and firewall settings.

What is wrong?

Most likely there is a firewall, or some other network security measurement, getting in the way.

The following is information you will want to pass to your network admin.

PDFNet will make an HTTPS connection to, which is a CNAME, and will resolve to a


such as

Also you need to make sure that your firewall is not stripping headers, in particular the "Authorization: Basic <base64_encoded_key>" header.


You can also test your connection to PWS outside of PDFNet SDK, or one of our command line tools, by trying the following.

1. Put the following url into your browser and make sure you get a "<status>ok</status>"

2. Go to this url and for username enter your API_ID, and for password enter your API_Secret

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