How can I flatten using docpub and PWS credentials?

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Oct 14, 2014, 3:33:09 PM10/14/14

I wish to perform flattening using docpub and PWS credentials.  How can I do so?


You should be able to flatten using docpub.  For example, you could run:

docpub.exe -f pdf --flatten simple mydoc.pdf -o output

You can find instructions for running docpub with PWS credentials at  Specifically:


If you are using one of the Tools CLI, edit the .lic file in a text editor and provide your PWS credentials.

For example, if you are using DocPub:

  • Open 'docpub.lic' in a text editor.
  • Fill-in API_ID and API_Secret that you obtained via email. You can also find the same information under 'Account' section in your PWS account.
  • any conversions you perform will be free from demo stamps and will be reported in your PWS management console (
  • To continue using docpub in demo mode for development and testing, simply rename 'docpub.lic' to 'docpub.lic.demo'.
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