Controlling image export during PDF to SVG conversion

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Jan 8, 2013, 7:32:18 PM1/8/13
1. What kind of "embed image format" does PDF2SVG support?
For Example, JPEG,PNG,GIF,and others.
Please enumerate support "embed image format".

2.If you support JPEG format,what is the setting of Q factor?
Usualy,We can set Q factor 1100.
A: Sorry for the delay. I just got back from vacation. When converting PDF to SVG we convert any PDF image format to JPEG or PNG.

The conversion is done in a lossless way:

- non-lossy image formats are normalized to PNG - CCITTFax, JBIG2, Flate, RLE, LZW)
- lossy formats are saved as JPEG. In most cases we do not recompress data (i.e. DCTDecode stream is directly saved as JPEG). As a result Quality factor is not relevant (i.t. will be whatever PDF includes). If you would like to down sample images in SVG you could do so either before conversion (e.g. using 'pdftron.PDF.Optimizer', or by post-processing output images.

You can choose whether to embed images in SVG or keep them as external files using "--embedimages" option.

As a potential alternative to SVG you may want to take a look at PDFTron WebViewer ( The WebViewer can accurately render fixed page content in most modern browsers and mobile devices. As a starting point please see:

For comparison re: PDFTron PDF to HTML/SVG conversion vs. WebViewer please see:
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