Using PDFNet for PHP in PHP 5.5+

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Mar 13, 2014, 3:22:09 PM3/13/14

I have been trying to use the PHP Libraries for PDFNEt, and have run into issues. The main issue I have is that the library refuses to load within PHP. I get error messages from PHP that the library is not valid. I am using the latest download for both OSX and Linux, neither of which seems to work. The “” does not ship with the Mac OSX version of PDFNet, but I did try to use the 64bit Linux version, and that did not work. Testing with Unbuntu 13 also failed to load the library. On OSX I am running Mavericks with PHP 5.4, on Ubuntu I am running PHP 5.5


Is there another version of the library I should be using?


Currently pre-built PHP bindings releases for PDFNet are only targeting PHP 5.3.6. Unfortunately PHP 5.5. extensions ABI is not compatible with 5.3.6.


We understand that this is a bit of an issue because not everyone will be using a specific version of PHP that we link with. Fortunately, we recently published the source code PHP binding so that you build the version you need. To get started,

please see the following links :

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