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Sep 25, 2018, 12:36:04 PM9/25/18
I have a problem adding the license to our code.

Message: The evaluation version of the product has expired.

=== OR ===

Message: Bad License Key. PDFNet SDK will work in the demo mode.


Verify the following conditions are true:

1) Please make sure you’re using the entire key string, but with no whitespace included (i.e. at the end, which can happen when you copy/paste out of an email). For example if your key is “MyCompany:OEM:1234”, then you would call PDFNet.Initialize(“MyCompany:OEM:1234”);

2) Make sure you are running on the licensed OS/platform. See below for current platforms (*).

3) Also, this needs to be in the first instance of PDFNet.Initialize (there should be only one anyway, but you can get by with multiple in some cases).

4) You call PDFNet.Initialize before any other calls to PDFNet functions.

Finally, if the above doesn't help, then the key might not be compatible with the version of PDFNet you are trying, so download the latest version of PDFNet and try that one.

* To see which OS/platform your license is for, in your license key you will see a string such as "::IAR:AMS(20160509):" The letters "I", "A" and "R" are the platforms in this example. 

Below are some of the most common.

W - Windows
L - Linux
M - Mac
I - iOS
A - Android
B - Web (PDFNetJS)

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