Can I pass an XFA to a PDF form with PDFNet SDK?

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Jan 12, 2012, 5:33:32 PM1/12/12
 Q: Is it possible to pass an XFA to a PDF form in order to populate the PDF form using PDFTron library? If not, are there any alternatives? Any other suggestions?

PDFNet SDK offers a limited high-level support for XFA (i.e.Adobe LiveCycle) forms. Please keep in mind that XFA is a proprietary Adobe extension; it is not allowed as part of PDF/A and references to XFA may be removed as part of future ISO 32000-2 etc. As a possible solution your users could re-save PDF document with AcroForm/PDF compatibility in Adobe LifeCycle-Designer. After resaving the document using LifeCycle- Designer you will be able to render and process the file using PDFNet.


For more background and some thoughts on XFA Forms please see:

Please keep in mind that you can use PDFNet SDK to create/extract/edit PDF files with XFA (see It is also possible to implement custom controls on top of PDFViewCtrl so technically you could implement your own XFA support on top of PDFNet.
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