PDFNet 6.4.0 Release

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Jan 23, 2015, 10:32:34 PM1/23/15
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What's New in PDFNet 6.4.0 (January 20, 2015 - Version 6.4.0)

New Features and Improvements to Server/Desktop SDKs
(NOTE: Mobile SDKs are not included in this release):
  • Added pdfron.PDF.Convert.Printer.GetMode to control whether Office Interop or the printer subsystem is used for Office conversion.
  • Added support for AnyCPU in .NET builds (link).
  • Published PDFNet on NuGet (link).
  • Open-sourced PDFNetLoader library (link).
  • Exported XFDF now includes appearance streams as images.
  • Added support for old-style JPEG compression for TIFF images.
  • Important bug fixes and incremental improvements.
New Types and Methods in PDFNet Core API:
  • pdftron.PDF.Image.Create
  • pdftron.PDF.Convert.SVGOutputOptions.SetFlattenMaximumImagePixels
  • pdftron.PDF.Convert.SVGOutputOptions.SetFlattenDPI
  • pdftron.PDF.Convert.Printer.SetMode
  • pdftron.PDF.Convert.Printer.GetMode
  • pdftron.PDF.Annot.GetVisibleContentBox
  • pdftron.FDF.FDFDoc.CreateFromXFDFBytes
Chaged Types and Methods in PDFNet Core API:
  • pdftron.PDF.PDFView.GetAnnotationAt
  • pdftron.PDF.PDFDCEX.Begin
  • pdftron.PDF.Font.CreateCIDTrueTypeFont
  • pdftron.FDF.FDFDoc.SaveAsXFDF
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