Implementing a custom encryption / DRM with PDFNet

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Sep 6, 2013, 1:40:41 PM9/6/13

I need like to implement a custom document encryption system (DRM) using PDFNet.

Encrypted PDFs need be displayed from stream (no local file stored on hard-drive). We also want to control over selected text, copying , bookmarks, annotations, table of contents, thumbnails etc.

How do I get stated with this. I am already up and running the mobile samples :)

PDFNet offers couple of 'quick' ways to implement custom security / DRM:


a) Implement a custom filter (which you would pass in the call to PDFDoc constructor). With this approach PDF document technically stops being a valid PDF. It does not use Standard security handler and as a result it can't work as an Acrobat plug-in etc. On the pro side, the method offers a more better protection than DRM based on standard PDF security handler (i.e. the option - b)


Please note that both Android and iOS SDK come with sample code showing how to implement custom filters.


For Android please see: \Samples\PDFViewCtrlDemo\src\com\pdftron\pdfnet\demo\pdfviewctrl\

For iOS please see:   PDFNet_iOS\Sample\CustomFilter\




b) Use a custom security handler based on Standard PDF Security handler.


There are couple of ways this could be done. The simplest option is to manually tweak PDF encryption dictionary - as discussed in the following articles:



With PDFNet you also have full control over the viewer ... you can disable or limit text selection, copy, annotations, bookmarks, links etc

You can also disable any type of disk caching (for apps that need a high level of security at the expense of speed).

More relevant articles:
Besides above options PDFNet also offers a low-level Cos (that we call 'SDF', for Structured Document Format; API that will let you read/write/edit PDF at very low level. This may be useful for some very specialized DRM applications, but is most cases overkill or not required.
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