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Nov 11, 2014, 11:09:01 AM11/11/14
to pdfne...@googlegroups.com

I would like to use the PDFNet C++ SDK to read and write XMP metadata streams embedded within a PDF document.

This issue was raised previously in this forum back in 2009, see:

At that time the answer included:
"The upcoming version of PDFNet (v 4.1) will contain some new high-level API-s related to XMP manipulation"

However, I have searched the current PDFNet API (C++) and can find no mention of accessing XMP data. Consequently, I would be grateful if someone could clarify the current situation for me - is there any high-level API for XMP manipulation that I have missed, or was it never released?

Many thanks for your help.



Nov 12, 2014, 5:16:58 PM11/12/14
to pdfne...@googlegroups.com
A high-level XMP interface for PDFNet was never released.  (Thank you for letting us know that such a feature would be useful for you, as we can use this information to guide development.)

The low-level interface should still work correctly --- are you running into any problems using it?


Nov 13, 2014, 10:27:20 AM11/13/14
to pdfne...@googlegroups.com
Hi Aaron, many thanks for clearing up that mystery.

I can't say whether or not there are any problems with the low-level interface because I am only just about to start using it. If there had been a high-level API I would have used that, but now I know I will have to use the low-level. If I encounter any problems I'll let you know :-)

Thanks for your help.

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