What is the difference between PDFDrawDemo and PDFViewCtrlDemo, and where do the Tools fit in

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Tomas Hofmann

May 17, 2013, 12:34:21 PM5/17/13
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Q: In the Samples solution, there is a PDFDrawDemo and a PDFViewCtrlDemo. They both seems to work similarly in that they display PDFs.
Also, I am interested in the tools, which provide interactive features such as annotation editing. Where do they fit in?

A: The PDFDrawDemo demonstrates the use of our PDFDraw class. PDFDraw is a class whose sole purpose is to render a bitmap from a PDF page. We provide a PDFDraw sample to demonstrate this behaviour, and to show how to create a very simple viewer.

PDFViewCtrl is a much more complex control, which can handle various layouts, zoom levels, scrolling, panning, and zooming, and so on and so forth. With the PDFViewCtrlDemo, there is also a reference to a tools dll, which is an external dll that works on top of the PDFViewCtrl. It does things like drawing shapes, adding notes, and editing annotations. In the PDFViewCtrlDemo, you can see where we're creating a ToolManager and passing it the PDFViewCtrl as a parameter. This ToolManager sits on top of the PDFViewCtrl and can customize the actions from touch and mouse input.

So, the tools only work with the PDFViewCtrl. The source code for the tools will become available upon purchase of the product, which will let you edit the behaviour of these interactive features.
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